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Take everything you thought you knew about job hunting, interviewing, networking, and throw it all out.

We're going to start over with a mindful, heart-centered approach that will uncover career opportunities already aligned with your values.

Don't expect instant results. Expect better results.

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Trevor Calton

Founder | Speaker | Coach

Trevor Calton has been volunteering as a career coach and mentor since 1998. He has a passion for helping homeless youth exit street life and find suitable employment, as well as mentoring students and professionals in career transition.

Trevor is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious United States Presidential Service Award, The Business Journal's 'Forty Under 40' Award, Bank of America‘s ’Local Hero’ Award, and more.

Trevor earned both his Bachelor degree and MBA from the University of Oregon. In his spare time, he speaks regularly to universities, non-profits, and industry associations throughout the United States.

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