The One Spreadsheet Every Real Estate Agent Must Understand To List & Sell Multifamily & Commercial Properties

Learn the skills & techniques investors use to create a pro forma that will be accepted throughout the industry


An accurate pro forma is the most important piece of information needed to secure financing for an investment property.

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Without a clear and accurate pro forma, borrowers are unable to get financing for their properties or be taken seriously industry professionals

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This course will teach you all of the components of a real estate pro forma and how to create one that will stand up to scrutiny from lenders, agents, buyers, and sellers.

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Learn the components and how to build a property pro forma. This skill is an absolute must for earning credibility as a real estate investor. Includes a sample pro forma spreadsheet download.




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I personally answer every student's questions, usually within minutes or hours. Frequently asked questions become future lessons


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Students receive a printable certificate upon completion


Continuing Education (CE)

Continuing Education credit hours available in some states


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Useful forms, templates, spreadsheets, and checklists included for you to download and use in your business