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Learn the skills the top 1% of agents use to list, sell, and buy multifamily, commercial, and other investment properties.

Understand income & expenses, analyze financing options, close more deals, earn greater commissions, and build more wealth.


Agents with Finance Skills Average 3x Income

The average income of real estate agents who specialize in multifamily & commercial properties is 3 times the average income of residential agents.*

My trainees are often among the top agents in their firm after finishing my program, with some seeing increases in income as much as 4000%.

* 2021 National Association of Realtors

Real Estate Finance Training is a
$50,000+ Value

Many agents pay over $50,000 for training & coaching in the form of "mentor splits" before they are qualified to work independently as an Investment Real Estate specialist, and are often dissatisfied with the quality of the training they receive.​

Graduates consistently rate my  program 4.9 out 5 stars. 

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Investment property sales agents without proper training & coaching often struggle to get commercial listings or investor clients, and exit the business within 1-2 years.

My former students frequently remain among the top agents in their firms for many years after finishing my program.

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“This was one of my favorite and most useful courses I have ever taken, and greatly enhanced my ability to analyze different loan types & terms objectively. Trevor was able to answer many of my questions, many of which were outside the scope of the course. I would highly recommend this course!”  - Robert C.

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Countless real estate professionals, investors, analysts, loan officers, and more around the world have had success after completing Trevor's courses.

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TEST Your Skills
in Real Estate Finance & Investments

Successful real estate professionals can answer these questions in real-time.


If this quiz stumps you, enroll now and let us help you take your real estate career to the next level.


ANSWER: The cap rate is  4.90% 

A property with a Scheduled Gross Income of $673,000 is selling for $6,950,000.  

The current vacancy is 8%, and the expenses total $278,913.


What is the Cap Rate?


ANSWER: The balloon payment will be  $2,542,049 

A property with $245,000 of Net Operating Income sells at a 7% cap rate.

The 30-year loan interest rate is 6.75% with a 7-year term and an 80% LTV.


How much is the balloon payment?


ANSWER: The most the buyer can pay is  $6,325,000 

An investor wants an 8% 

cash-on-cash return on in-place income on day-1. The loan is $3,825,000 at 6.25% fixed for 25 years.The NOI is $502,788.


What is the most the buyer can pay?