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Learn to list & sell commercial investment properties

(apartments, retail, office, self-storage properties, and more) using the skills & techniques of top agents to close more deals, earn larger commissions, build more wealth, and dominate the competition.

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Learn How to Value Investment Properties

FREE mini-course for understanding Cap Rates and how they are used to determine the value of Investment Real Estate, including relevant practice examples to help you build your skills.

Learn to Analyze Investments in One Day. Guaranteed.

Learn how to confidently analyze any real estate investment with a calculator or a spreadsheet, an absolute must-have skill for any serious real estate professional.

Learn the Most Important Part of Any Investment Listing Package

Learn the components and how to build a property pro forma. This skill is an absolute must for any investment real estate professional preparing a listing package for a seller or advising a buyer making a purchase. Includes a sample pro forma spreadsheet download.

Learn to Scale Your Portfolio and Build More Wealth

Learn how investors increase returns, acquire more properties, and build more wealth utilizing mortgage loans. You'll learn how to calculate loan payments & amortization, read promissory notes, understand fixed & adjustable rate loans, and more.

Get the Roadmap to Taking Your Portfolio to the Next Level

This course will walk you through the entire process of buying a commercial property, including how to research markets and properties, find & identify "good deals", submit an offer, negotiate price & terms, conduct due diligence, get mortgage financing, do a 1031 Exchange, and close the deal.

Work with Investor Clients & Get Commercial Listings

Learn how to talk to clients, get more listings, and close more deals using these proven techniques to mastering first appointments with prospective clients.

Start Planning for Success in Your Real Estate Career

A step-by-step guide to finding the right real estate firm, choosing your submarket, specializing in specific property types, setting goals, and building your real estate business

Learn to 'Work Smarter Not Harder' Today

The ultimate roadmap for maximizing your productivity, maintaining work/life balance, getting the most out of your activities so you can close more deals, make more money, and have more free time.

Learn Everything You Need to Know to List & Sell Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate

A comprehensive collection of lessons, practice, and training for real estate agents & brokers who want to learn to list, sell, and invest in multifamily & commercial properties, close more deals, make more money, and dominate the competition.


3x Income

The average income of real estate agents who specialize in multifamily & commercial properties is 3 times the average income of residential agents.*

My trainees are often among the top agents in their firm after finishing my program, with some seeing increases in income as much as 4000%.

* 2021 National Association of Realtors

$50,000+ Value

Many CRE agents pay over $50,000 for training & coaching in the form of "mentor splits", and are often dissatisfied with the quality of the training they receive, as it is often delivered by senior agents who would rather be closing deals than grooming new agents to become their future competitors.​

My programs cost just a fraction of that, and graduates consistently rate them with 5 stars.

1-2 Years Saved

Commercial investment property sales are complex and competitive. 


Agents without proper training & coaching often struggle to get commercial listings or investor clients, and exit the business within 1-2 years.

My former students frequently remain among the top agents in their firms for many years after finishing my program.